Investing in a World of Infinite Possibilities

  • "10D trusted us since day one and that made all the difference for us. They gave us access to talent and design partners beyond our own network. We are very proud to have them by our side on this incredible journey."

    Jeremy Suard, Co-founder & CEO, Exodigo

  • "10D isn't just a financial investor in Juno Journey, they are by our side guiding us through the process of building our company. With the teams' years of experience and wide network, we believe that our journey together will lead us to success."

    Dor Nachshoni, Co-founder & CEO, Juno Journey

  • "10D’s investment in DriveNets is strategic to our company and what I call Smart Money investment. Their broad experience & comprehensive understanding of market dynamics & business processes makes them valuable partners & mentors."

    Ido Susan, Co-founder & CEO, DriveNets

  • "From business development, through talent acquisition, to helping us secure our next rounds of funding, 10D has been fighting alongside us in the trenches from the moment the term sheet was signed."

    Omri Dor, Co-founder & COO, Obligo

  • "Choosing 10D as our partner was a game-changing decision for Evermile. Their deep domain expertise, unwavering belief in our mission, and integral role in our growth make them an invaluable part of our journey. Grateful for their unmatched support!"

    Omer Goldschmidt, Co-founder & CEO, Evermile

  • "Quantum Source values 10D's contribution as an investor, leveraging their deep-tech experience and strong network. Their involvement is important for our success in the challenging quantum computing landscape."

    Oded Melamed, Co-founder & CEO, Quantum Source

  • "10D's proven track record of nurturing innovative startups into industry leaders makes them a perfect fit for Seebo. Their talent, knowledge & experience are an enormous benefit to us in terms of our business strategy, go-to-market & technology."

    Lior Akavia, Co-founder & CEO, Seebo

  • "10D is an active partner in Medorion's value creation process. From the get-go, they rolled up their sleeves and helped in any way possible. Having them on our side significantly helps to smooth the bumpy start-up ride."

    Asaf Kleinbort, Co-founder & CEO, Medorion

  • Right from the start, 10D had faith in us. They've not only provided expert advice but also opened doors to networks, people and opportunities beyond our reach. Always supportive, they're readily available to offer guidance and insights whenever we need them. We're grateful to have them with us on this journey

    Sarah Levy, Co-founder & CEO, Euno

  • We partner with entrepreneurs who transcend the constraints of space and time, seeing beyond the obvious - charting new frontiers, enabling new capabilities, and creating new markets.

  • Together, we navigate the overt as well as unseen opportunities and obstacles throughout the epic journey to market success.

  • It's not a straight line, it's a journey filled with ups and downs, successes and failures - and we are in it for the long haul, side by side with you, every step of the way.

We Know What Success Looks Like

Our team brings a vast array of experience in multiple disciplines and fields, across international industries. We bring a wealth of knowledge to our portfolio companies. When you partner with 10D, you partner with our entire team.

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