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  • 17 Jan 2024
    Value-based Care 101 By: Emmanuelle Lipski For more than a decade, value-based care (VBC) has been positioned as healthcare’s “next big thing”. While adoption has been slower than initially anticipated, we are seeing both macro forces such as rising cost, and VBC enablers maturing (e.g., data availability, analytics) coming together and encouraging adoption of risk-bearing […]
  • 13 Dec 2023
    10D shares the recipe for Israel’s Secret Sauce: What makes the Israeli entrepreneurs so successful? Israel, a small nation in the Middle East with a population of just 9 million, roughly the size of New Jersey, has earned global recognition as the “start-up nation”. This innovation powerhouse is responsible for approximately 15% of global companies […]
  • 17 Aug 2023
    Founder Perspective As a founder, a GTM plan serves as a roadmap that guides your efforts in targeting the right customers, crafting compelling marketing, and utilizing effective sales and distribution channels. It encompasses everything from pricing and marketing strategies to customer support and feedback loops, enabling you to make informed decisions for your startup. Investor […]
  • 07 Aug 2023
    A Playbook for Creating Effective OKRs  Introduction Setting goals is a critical component of achieving success for any organization. It helps teams focus their efforts, track their progress, and work towards a common objective. Goals provide a clear direction, allowing individuals and teams to prioritize tasks and stay on track. With well-defined goals, organizations can […]
  • 29 Jul 2023
    FemTech is on The Rise By: Emmanuelle Lipski Although women make up just over 50% of the world’s population, and despite significant advances in medical practices, we still observe gaps in gender health outcomes, treatment abilities and bias when it comes to healthcare delivery. The fact that modern medicine is largely built on a “man […]
  • 18 May 2023
    Designing a Successful Digital Health US Go-to-Market By: Emmanuelle Lipski The global healthcare market is experiencing accelerating growth, undergoing fundamental changes and is on the constant look-out for new solutions. At the same time, Israel is home to some of the most impressive and sophisticated technologies out there, which has earned it a solid reputation, […]
  • 15 May 2023
    Announcing our Seed Investment in Evermile: The #1 Local Delivery Platform for Small Businesses. By: Itay Rand Over the past two decades, logistics has made significant progress in terms of availability, cost and service-level agreements. However, the proliferation of local shops and trade, bolstered due to Covid-19, has created a huge market gap in terms […]
  • 07 May 2023
    Announcing our Seed Investment in Zorro: Revolutionizing the Employer Health Insurance Benefits Experience By: Yahal Zilka Among the world’s high-income countries, the US stands alone for the complexity of its health insurance system. Americans are eligible for different types of coverage depending on whether their employer offers it, what their income level is and what […]
  • 16 Apr 2023
    We are thrilled to share that Adi Dangot Zukovsky has joined 10D as Partner to further expand our investment team. Adi will be leading investments in various fields, focusing on Software as a service (SaaS) and Enterprise Software Infrastructure. Adi joins 10D after almost seven years at the leading US investment firm Battery Ventures, in […]
  • 20 Dec 2022
    We are thrilled to announce that we have raised $245 million across two funds – our second early-stage fund and our first opportunity fund. We are grateful to our investors, partners and team who enable us to continue investing in and supporting exceptional entrepreneurs in the Israeli start-up ecosystem. The $185 million 10D Fund II will […]